It’s an honor to serve you as a Boise City Councilmember.

I’ve focused my work on making sure that as Boise grows she remains the special place that we’ve all chosen as our home. We’ve launched a sustainability program, grown our downtown, increased economic opportunity, set aside hundreds of acres of open space, and passed an ordinance protecting all Boiseans from discrimination. Boise is on a roll because of the can-do approach and pioneering attitude of our citizens; because the people of Boise make Boise what she is, and we all are a part of her future. And because we all understand that the magic of this place is captured in our vibrant and just community, innovative economy, and lasting environment.

As someone who loves Boise, you know how special this place is and how lucky we are to be here. When people ask me why I love Boise I break into a smile I can’t contain. Boise’s energy is palpable. Her future is wide open to anything we want to make of it. Her river, open spaces, vibrant downtown and walkable neighborhoods are unique. It’s because I love this place so much that I love serving on City Council.

Scott and I chose this place when we were only 23. We built our careers, our family, our life together in this City that’s beyond compare. Our kids float our river, bike in our hills, wander to visit libraries, friends, shopkeepers and restaurants, knowing they’re safe and loved by everyone in their community.

Especially in times like these, I’ll focus my work on ensuring that every resident – new or old – has the opportunity to build a solid career and a strong and safe life in our city. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with ideas. I welcome the opportunity to work for you and together with you for Boise’s future.

MY VISION for Boise, Idaho and more

Downtown Boise

A well-designed Downtown Boise is key to this Valley’s future as its economic, arts, and cultural hub.

Boise’s Economy

Our efforts to build Boise’s economy must focus on building the businesses that have started here and creating career opportunities for our current and future residents.

World-Class Schools

Boise’s world-class schools are key to maintaining our livable neighborhoods.

Vibrant Neighborhoods

Boise’s neighborhoods must be places where families can afford to live, children are safe to roam, and residents can easily connect with local businesses, schools, and jobs.

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