My Vision

Downtown Boise is the Valley’s Urban Center

A well-designed Downtown Boise is key to this Valley’s future as its economic, arts, and cultural hub.  Together we can chart Downtown’s course, seeking to keep Boise Boise while our city continues to grow.  My priorities:

  • Ensure that the development of key areas Downtown, such as 30th Street, incorporate commercial  centers, residential development, pedestrian-friendly streets, and public gathering spaces.
  • Encourage smart urban development and support projects that meet our city’s vision of a pedestrian friendly livable Downtown.
  • Seek creative ways to finance Downtown projects, such as local-option funding or incentives to encourage private investment.
  • Increase the pedestrian pathways and bikeways in Downtown and surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Support more opportunities for arts and cultural venues.

Vibrant Neighborhoods and World-Class Schools

Boise’s neighborhoods must be places where families can afford to live, children are safe to roam, and residents can easily connect with local businesses, schools, and jobs.   Boise’s world-class schools are key to maintaining our livable neighborhoods. They are vital to our children’s success in a changing and challenging modern economy and we must support them. I will:

  • Seek ways to integrate commercial activity, community centers, and public parks in neighborhoods throughout Boise.
  • Support fully funded schools to continue providing small class sizes, great teachers, and the educational programs that have earned Boise’s public schools the proud distinction of being among the best in the country.
  • Work with neighborhood groups and Boise schools to create opportunities for shared recreational spaces, urban gardens, and safe walking and biking routes to school.

Boise’s Economy and Economic Development

Our efforts to build Boise’s economy must focus on building the businesses that have started here and creating career opportunities for our current and future residents.  If we have a clear vision for our economy, encourage public and private investment in our city, provide the best education possible, boast well-educated students, and offer an unrivaled quality of life, we will succeed in building Boise’s economy.

  • Encourage cities and residents to support local businesses first.
  • Partner with universities around research and economic development.
  • Work with local business leaders to develop ways to support Boise’s entrepreneurs and small businesses so that they can grow and provide more jobs and opportunity for residents.

Protect Boise’s unrivaled quality of life

I love Boise, and know you do too.  As we grow, it’s most important to balance the impacts of growth with our desire to keep Boise Boise.  Few cities of Boise’s size have the parks and open spaces that we have.  When surveyed, Boise residents continue to say that it’s imperative we protect, improve, and expand our recreational opportunities.  Easy access to the places where we live, work, and play is important.  As our city continues to grow, we must take steps to reduce gridlock and traffic and improve our air quality for the health of our children.  A comprehensive public transportation system will meet this need and protect our quality of life for future generations.  I’ll work to:

  • Provide parks and recreational opportunities in underserved areas.
  • Seek to maintain our current pathways and trails.
  • Work with business leaders, conservationists, and concerned citizens to give cities the authority to ask their voters to approve funds for public transportation, pedestrian pathways, and roads – to create a better transportation system and a better city.